Our Products


(jackhammers, s36 drifter, airlges- steel telescopic and aluminum airlegs, taper and intergral steels, taper bits)


S215 Rockdrill

This Rockdrill is used for blast hole drilling in the narrow vein stopping operations found in tabular ore bodies. The light weight makes it suitable for drilling and manipulation in low stopping height conditions.


MH505 Rockdrill

The product is unique in its class. Major advantages of this product is its reliability and efficiency for secondary drilling, bench drilling, quarry drilling and in general excavation works and other uses where a sinker drill is necessary.


S25 Rockdrill

This machine is designed to meet the mining industry’s need for one rock drill that is capable of both stoping and developing applications, as well as shaft sinking. 


S21 B Blower Rockdrill

The “Blower” Rockdrill is a tough, reliable jackhammer suitable for drilling most blastholes where the angle of the hole is straight downwards. It can be adapted for either air or water flushing.


S36 Konkola

The S36RB is a powerful 114mm drifter type rock drill with ratchet ring / rifle bar rotation mechanism. It is designed for long hole drilling in underground mining applications where ease of access is restricted.


Taper Equipment

we supply a range of drilling equipment including handheld rubber collared and forged 22mm drill steel and a wide range of tapered and threaded drill bits. Refurbishment of used drill steel is also available until it reaches the minimum cut off diameter.



Aluminum Airlegs

Airlegs are designed for use with the Hard Rock Mining range of rock drills, but may be used with any drill of similar characteristics. They are designed with automatic power to retract to work reliably in the rugged environment of underground mining and are used in both stoping and development drilling applications. Retractable lengths between 0.6M and 1.3M.


Steel Airlegs

1.2M Steel telescopic airleg designed for use with our range of rockdrills. They are designed with automatic power to retract to work reliably in the rugged environment of underground mining and are used in both stoping and development drilling applications.

Exploration Equipment

(diamond products, meter eater and kempe, rods and casings)


Kempe Machine

We supply U2-AW, U3-9B & U3-9BQ Pneumatic machines. We stock and sell most spares for all machines to service existing drills in the market.



Supply rods in various thread types i.e AQ, BQ, NQ and HQ as well as casings, for the mining and exploration industries.



Versatile and durable diamond bits and reaming shells for use both underground and surface exploration. We also stock diamond saw blades and core cutting equipment.


MetreEater Drill

The MetreEater® Drill range is made up of the following drills:

  • AQ MetreEater. Both Pneumatic and Electro-hydraulic versions available.
  • BQ MetreEater. Both Pneumatic and Electro-hydraulic versions available.

Mining Equipment


Hoses and Hose Fittings

Our hoses are designed with specialised rubber compounds to ensure they provide ruggedness and flexibility in your application. Industrial mining hoses used to convey a variety of mining materials such as slurry, waste and environmental discharges and dredging operations. 


Extension Equipment

Hardrock Mining’s bits, extension rods, couplings and shank adapters are used throughout the world for top-hammer production drilling in mining, tunnelling, construction and quarry work. 


Anfo Loaders

ANFOThe portable anfex loaders use compressed air to deliver a precalculated amount of ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil) into pre drilled holes in mine operation areas. They come in various sizes and combination loaders up to 25kg.


Glen Cock Valves

Hardrock offers a wide arrangement of glen cock valves.


Pinch Bars

Pinch point crowbars are available at a length of about 1.5m (4’11”) and generally weigh around 8kg (18lb). They are designed with one tamper end and one ‘pinch point’ end – a tapered, wedge-like edge used to penetrate tight spaces when in use as a lever or prying bar.

Spare Parts